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By ordering a website, you understand the following:

  • It may take us anywhere between 10 and 25 business days to find keywords in your niche, build a site around them, and get it ranking. We will transfer the site to you after that.
  • Your website will be ranking for multiple keywords adding up to a total of at least 1600 or more average monthly searches*, anywhere between pages 1 and 8 on Google. You will receive a SerpBook vikewkey link to confirm**
  • Average product price will be at least $150 – but likely around $250
  •  ^The three requirements above are the MINIMUM ones. You will likely get a site that got ranking much faster, for more keywords and a higher average product price. We have to state these just to keep us safe though, in case you pick a smaller niche with not much to promote. Note that with time, your website will start ranking for a bunch of longtail keywords that we didn’t even intend to target. It always happens.
  • You will get admin access after your site is completed and ranking, with a site moving guide. You will have 7 days to move your site from our host
  • The niche you pick is an Amazon department and the microniche site we build and rank for you might be a more specific sub-category (eg If you pick “Kitchen”, your Amazon affiliate site might be about refrigerators). We have to do this to make sure the keywords your site is targeting are actually low competition – if you have very specific niche in mind, low competition keywords for it may or may not exist and therefore we can’t accept it.
  • You will get at least 3000 words of content (counted by WordPress)
  • You will receive a vector logo with a favicon
  • 600+ mixed social signals will be added to each URL and may or may not be fully done being drip fed when we transfer you the site
  • Your site will have a comparison chart pushing the better selling (or higher commission) products in order to help you get people to Amazon and get commission
  • We will answer all questions regarding what you can do with your site to get it ranking as fast as possible
  • You will receive additional long tail low competition keywords you can target if you want to add more content and grow the site
  • You will need to make an account so we can transfer you the domain
  • If we satisfy all of the conditions listed here, your payment will not be refunded in any case

*Monthly searches are worldwide – however, these are VERY HIGH buyer intent keywords, so the purchasing power IS there. Basically, you might need to register for one or multiple countries respective Amazon Associates programs to take full advantage of this traffic. More info will be provided after purchase.

**Bing and Yahoo ranks will vary, but are likely to be much better than Google ranks. (will also take longer to show up though, likely a few weeks after we’ve moved the site over to you – while Google ranks will be visible BEFORE you receive the site). Also, remember that Google Dance unfortunately IS a thing and if the ranks are ranks may change when you transfer the domain. That we’re not responsible for, and ranks will likely just return, even if they do temporarily drop. However, if there is a larger drop we will work with you to help you get the ranks back – as long as you didn’t mess the ranks up yourself.


If you have more specific requirements, Contact Us and we’ll make a deal regarding keywords, pricing etc.

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