Luggage & Travel Gear ~$130 avg product price, 7% commission – 1310 total avg monthly searches


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-Luggage & Travel Gear (7% commission), ~$130 average product price
-Ranks as shown on product image*
1310 total monthly searches**
-EXTREMELY low competition keywords are targeted, very related to one another
2374 words (counted by WordPress) of high-quality, well- optimized SEO content
content pages (where keywords are targeted, including the homepage)
-Original Vector Logo with source files, favicon
-Comparison chart on homepage
-Disclaimer and Terms pages, well-structured menu
800+ mixed social signals were drip feed to content pages
-Domain name with WHOIS privacy, will be transferred to you***
-Dedicated hosting IP, so other buyers can’t find your site****
-Ranks will (very) likely improve with time – they always do;

*Ranks were last updated August 6th. You will receive a SerpBook vikewkey link to confirm. However, note that Google Dance IS a thing and if the ranks are ranks may change when you transfer the domain. That, we’re not responsible for and they will likely just return, even if something happens.

**Monthly searches are worldwide – however, these are VERY HIGH buyer intent keywords, so the purchasing power is there. Basically, you might need to register for one or multiple countries respective Amazon Associates programs to take full advantage of this traffic.

***You will need to make an account so we can transfer you the domain.

****You will get admin access after purchase, with a site moving guide. You will have 7 days to move your site from our host.

Note: These sites are brand new and already ranking. You will receive a SerpBook viewkey link to confirm ranks at the time of sale, but these are sold as-is and Google dance is a thing unfortunately, so there are no money back guarantees. You will receive the site just to confirm before we do the actual transfer, but once it’s gone – it’s gone.