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What do you mean by "low competition"?
-We mean that you WILL start ranking without ANY links. You may or may not get to page 1, but these keywords are being triple checked manually to ensure they're easy to rank for. We're talking easy to outrank competition in terms of them having bad on-page optimization (often not even targetting the keyword), and weak or no links to the page they're ranking with. Your main competition will often be something like a forum or a YouTube video with a few thousand views.

Do you sell a keyword more than once?
-Each keyword is sold only once

Why aren't your keywords cheaper?
If anything, they're underpriced. All keywords are handpicked and take a lot of server and human resources to find.

What is your average delivery time?
All reports can be instantly downloaded after completing payment.

Do you give refunds?
The specs for each package are clearly stated, and once you see the keyword we can't resell it. No refunds.

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